A great summary of key points that I am sure more than one will apply to every reader. Quit and Stayed – what an excellent theme that is well worth exploring.

Blanchard LeaderChat

Nearly 5,000 people joined dozens of leadership experts yesterday for the Quit and Stayed Leadership Livecast. Over the course of four hours there were presentations and online discussions about what causes employees to be disengaged on the job and strategies leaders can take to address this epidemic in the workplace.

The Quit and Stayed phenomenon was studied from several angles. Leadership gurus, managers, employees, and team members examined the role an organization’s culture plays in fostering or inhibiting engagement, the value of leaders cultivating personal relationships with employees, different leadership styles to approach the situation, and the value of ongoing learning and career growth.

Here’s just a few of the thoughts that stood out to me:

  • Leaders must think about growth like a deep-sea diver thinks about oxygen. Without it you die. (Mark Miller on the importance of career growth.)
  • It’s leadership. It’s caring. And if you care about…

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