Leadership Experience: Where Do Theory and Reality Meet?

I recently wrote a blog on the Linked2Leadership website titled ‘Leadership Experience: Where Do Theory and Reality Meet? It has generated considerable comment and opinion, all of which shows that the inherent versus learned behaviours, skills and capabilities required to be an effective leaders are not necessarily easy to obtain and sustain. Read more and let me know your thoughts…

Linked 2 Leadership

Learn Lead

I continue to read and learn from various articles, blogs and books on the subject of leadership. There really is an unlimited supply of material for us to read!

And reading new content provides the opportunity for our thoughts and actions to be challenged.

New Points of View

New challenges to our thinking occurs when we see examples of theoretical context provided that relate to leadership application and effectiveness in practice.

There is a definite place for the theory of leadership. Without it, the same ideas and concepts continue to be generated and espoused by a variety of authors, learning little beyond that which has been distributed for some years.

  • However, I wonder how important the theoretical content is compared to the ability and experience gained through practical leadership?
  • Where is the balance between testing your own thinking through reading, seeking answers, being mentored and the opportunity and ability to…

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