My Last Blog…On This Site!

I enjoy writing blogs. I thoroughly enjoy making a difference too – in fact it is one of my core values!

It is because of these passions that I continue to write and support the work I do with my CoachStation clients helping leaders to become as efficient, capable and effective as possible. I have sometimes been asked to write for other sites and publications such as Linked2Leadership and Christina Lattimer’s outstanding eMile People Development and Leadership Magazine.

However, having a separate blog-site under / Lead In, Lead On is watering down my efforts and I find that sometimes I feel pressure to write for each of my blogs and external sites regularly. As a result, after nearly 70 blogs on this site I am consolidating my blog writing and publishing to my CoachStation website solely as of today.

If you remain keen to continue to follow me, I am in the process of moving the existing subscriber list across to CoachStation over the next few days. My hope in doing so is that I am not being too presumptuous. We are all aware of the excessive number of emails received on any day. My hope as always is to add value to your knowledge and thought processes, not to bombard. Of course, if you wish to unsubscribe, this can be done at any time.

In the meantime I will continue to provide my thoughts and ideas around leadership, people development, organisational culture, coaching and similar themes on a regular basis via my CoachStation Blog.

To those who have subscribed to my blog in the past, thank you for your support. If you are a new reader…welcome! I hope you feel the benefit of reading my content and potentially subscribing to receive my future blogs.

If you wish to extend our contact, I am a regular contributor on Twitter and/or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Steve Riddle

I have a career spanning over 25 years, primarily in leadership roles across various industries. Prior to forming my businesses and within consulting roles since, I have dedicated over 15 years to driving business improvement, transformational and cultural change within various organisations mainly based around people development and its relationship to results. Roles have included National Customer Experience Leader for GE Capital and Head of Customer Service and Complaints for Toyota Finance Australia.

CoachStation focuses on people, outcomes and results influenced specifically through leadership capability, personal qualities and effectiveness. Experience has taught me that the people aspect of business is the most critical, yet is often the most difficult to ‘get right’. Leadership and its impact on organisational culture and change management are vital to business success, the ability to evolve and improve results. The CoachStation vision, values and related development programs are dedicated to solving these problems, through tailored leadership and people development solutions. I created CoachStation to dedicate attention to improving business results employing my expertise and experience in:

Leadership Development        Coaching & Mentoring        Facilitation & Training

Business Consulting and Development         High Performance Teams

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One response to “My Last Blog…On This Site!

  1. Steve, I so hear you about writing and maintaining a presence at different sites and juggling multiple endeavors. I, too, am in that situation so I’m quite familiar with the struggle to maintain a consistent output. I’m so glad that you’ll be continuing to write and share your knowledge at your other site, and, of course, I will see you there when you move the subscriber list over!



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