About Steve Riddle

I created my leadership and people development company, CoachStation, in 2010 to assist individuals and business leaders to be as effective as possible in their various roles, both in and out of the workplace. In 2012 I created a separate business, TeleworkManagement.com focusing on developing leadership capability for people who lead teams based in separate locations. I am proud that both companies are business partners with the Australian Federal Government’s initiative, telework.gov.au

Extensive experience and senior roles in leadership, organisational change, facilitation, coaching and customer experience has provided a solid platform and desire to develop leaders for now and in the future.

A genuine focus and passion for development of others combined with solid leadership experience has provided the opportunity to improve business results across many sectors, whilst allowing a great deal of personal and professional success. CoachStation’s purpose is to instil this same passion for leadership and business improvement in others.

Practical experience and the many formal and informal learning opportunities have provided insight into my own development and helped me realise that the more I learn, the more I still have to learn. Most importantly it has been the ability to effectively apply these concepts in real-world scenarios to improve results and employee development that has provided the springboard and impetus to develop the CoachStation business and brand.

I am a passionate family man who is proud of his three daughters and the family structure created with my wife, Julie.

Steve Riddle:



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