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Leadership @Customer Experience Management Conference

IQPC: Customer Experience Conference and Leadership

This week I attended the IQPC Customer Experience Management Conference in Sydney. I was fortunate enough to be invited to be a guest speaker during the Focus Day on Monday and many other speakers have shared their thoughts and presentations over the three days.

Although the conference theme was based around Customer Experience, there have been many great quotes and comments regarding leadership, business and culture that are worth sharing. This blog highlights a few of the key points that I felt were most relevant and resonated with my own values and passions.

Thank you to all the speakers for sharing!

  • How are you choosing to challenge what has been done previously? Don’t accept the reasonable reasons from the past.
  • Our employees want to know their leaders and what they care about.

Gordon Ballantyne, Telstra


  • Leadership cannot be outsourced to HR.
  • Be disciplined: celebrate short-term but don’t forget your ultimate goal.

Dirk Hofman, Nokia


  • The empowered customer is now in control of the business relationship.
  • 90% of effort is used collecting and collating data and 10% actually using it – it should be the other way around.

Peter Harris, Vision Critical


  • Question the initial question to truly understand the business problem.
  • Team composition is most important. A lack of a balanced mix is one of the core reasons projects fail.

Mark Nealy, ThoughtWorks


  • Most organisations and leaders only spend around 20% of their time adding value to the customer.
  • The fundamental mission of business should not be about profit, but rather value creation.

Dr Shayne Silcox, Melville Council


  • Businesses have to deliver good service to earn the right to sell to customers.

Andrew Pearce, National Australia Bank


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