Telework Management

Telework Management: Leadership Development for Telework Professionals

Telework Management and our associated website, were developed to focus on developing leadership and people, specifically leaders who manage team members based in remote sites and/or telework one or more days each week. has a global reach and a core purpose to assist leaders who manage teleworkers and/or remote teams to be as effective as they can be in their roles both  at work and home.

Remote leadership, telework and virtual leadership have been a key part of Steve Riddle’s development as a leader and a person, having led various teams nationally at different stages of his career. Steve is a leader, consultant, qualified coach and facilitator. We will ensure that you develop greater leadership capability, a deeper skillset and become a better leader of a remote team as a result of engaging Telework Management.

We offer two leadership development training options, both specifically designed for leaders who work in a remote management or virtual leadership environment and/or lead team members who telework or telecommute.

Telework Management: Leadership DevelopmentBoth development programs provide extensive knowledge and build competence and capability through a personalised development program. A combination of self-paced online modules, 1:1 coaching; DiSC Leadership / Management profile and over 30 tools and assessments make the online program a powerful opportunity to genuinely develop as a leader.

The onsite program can be tailored to include training only or supported through 1:1 coaching, depending on need. Additionally, we provide workplace and business coaching services for those who wish to make the most of their opportunities, extend their skills /  capabilities and overcome challenges, amongst other benefits.

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